Inpatient Addiction Treatment

A Los Angeles inpatient addiction treatment program may be the right choice for a clean future

There is hope for a new life. A substance use disorder does not have to define who you are forever. Instead, you can make the choice to become clean and sober and develop the skills to stay that way.

A Los Angeles inpatient addiction treatment program may be the key to your success. In a residential drug treatment program, you will be surrounded 24/7 by people who will care about your recovery. You’ll remove yourself from your unhealthy environment and place yourself in a new setting away from the drugs that tempt you. Back home, your family and friends will be cheering you on. They will know that you are getting the help you need.

Recovery isn’t easy, but it is always worth the effort. With drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Los Angeles, you can choose a better way of life.

Choosing the right Los Angeles inpatient facility

Rehabilitation is an individualized process, and we want to help you find the drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Los Angeles that is best for you. Treatment programs vary in length and style. We know the options, and we will help you sort through them to choose the best one for your needs.

To be effective, treatment should last at least 90 days, and a longer program is often recommended. For example, if your treatment involves methadone, it must be 12 months long. However, those 90 days or more don’t have to be carried out entirely in an inpatient treatment program. Some residential programs do last 6 to 12 months. Others, however, begin with a few weeks of a residential program. After that portion of the treatment is done, participants move to an outpatient status in which they live at home but continue to receive therapy and other supportive services.

We have the experience to talk through the various options with you. We can even run a confidential insurance quote to help you find the inpatient addiction center that’s best for you. Call our addiction specialists today at (866) 273-7055 to learn more about Los Angeles inpatient addiction treatment programs

Inpatient drug detox

Inpatient drug rehabilitation starts with clearing the drugs from your system. You must get these substances out of your body before you can move forward with your life. Detoxification is not an easy process. Your body has become accustomed to having these substances every day, and learning to live without them can be painful. In an inpatient setting, medical professionals will keep an eye on every step of the withdrawal process to make sure that you are getting better. They’ll be close by if you need any extra medical help.

An inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program may also prescribe medication to help you through detox. In fact, nearly 80 percent of detoxification processes that take place in drug addiction recovery programs use medications to help. These may include methadone or naltrexone for opioid treatment and disulfiram or acamprosate for alcohol addiction recovery.

Start on the road to recovery

Detox is only the first step in rehab. Once you make it through this stage, it’s a good sign that you can also be successful in the next steps. However, if you stop after detox, you are likely to relapse. That’s why drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Los Angeles involves more than just managing withdrawal symptoms. The program’s staff will be dedicated to helping you learn new, healthy ways of thinking, acting and making decisions.

In individual therapy sessions, mental health professionals will challenge your old thought patterns. They will help you find new ways of thinking to replace your old, destructive ones. If you have mental health disorders that have contributed to your substance use disorder, professional therapists will help uncover these and provide proper treatment for them.

Inpatient treatment surrounds you with people who care about your success. Some of these are the program’s staff, but others are your fellow program participants. You may attend group counseling sessions with other people in the program. Together, you can support each other as you learn new, drug-free approaches to life.

Drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Los Angeles may also prepare you for life after rehab. For the first time in a long time, you’ll be in a good place to live and work as a productive member of your community. Without drugs holding you back, you can be a hardworking employee, a dedicated family member and a contributing volunteer. Job training, money management education and other lessons in life skills will get you ready for success back home.

To learn more about how residential addiction treatment can make a difference for you, call our team of addiction specialists at (866) 273-7055. We’re here to help!

Is a Los Angeles inpatient addiction treatment program right for you?

A Los Angeles inpatient addiction treatment program allows you to focus on getting well. You’ll be surrounded day and night by a team of people who are rooting for your success. That’s not to say that inpatient treatment is right for everyone. For one thing, this type of rehab is often more expensive than outpatient treatment. However, we can help provide cost comparisons for various treatment programs.

Inpatient addiction treatment removes you from your family and familiar surroundings. If you have a supportive home environment, this can be a difficult transition. It also requires taking time away from work or school. A Los Angeles addiction treatment program can be particularly good, however, for those who need to cut all ties with their old environment for a period of time. It is often recommended for people with severe addictions or multiple substance use disorders.

Whichever drug abuse program you choose, you can get well. The first step is only a phone call away. When you’re ready, call us at (866) 273-7055. Our team of addiction professionals can help you find the substance abuse treatment program that’s right for you.

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