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Finding a Los Angeles addiction treatment program that’s right for you

Drugs come in many shapes and forms, including prescription drugs and alcohol. Many of these substances are legal, which leads the public to believe that they’re mostly harmless. However, you might find yourself addicted to one of the dozens of substances found in society today. Addiction treatment in Los Angeles is possible when you realize that there’s a problem.

Recognizing the problem

Your journey begins with one of the hardest admissions in life: You’re dependent on a substance. Many people don’t realize that their substance use is an addiction in the first place. In the case of cigarette users, the nicotine drug actually affects the body’s natural reward system that’s normally associated with a runner’s high or endorphins. It’s not just the nicotine that’s creating a sensation in the body. As a result, these users end up addicted to a substance. It simply becomes an everyday habit that must be maintained.

There’s a problem when your substance use becomes a priority. You might use your time to purchase and use a drug instead of grocery shopping or going to a loved one’s event. At this point, you may need drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Los Angeles. Professionals can help you break the cycle of craving and using the substance. They’ll also give you the mental tools to prevent a relapse once you return to work or school.

Think of your life and the family and friends around you. It’s time to make a change. Speak live to a drug rehabilitation professional today at (866) 273-7055 for information on addiction treatment in Los Angeles.

Meeting the team

After admitting to dependence, carefully choose your drug abuse treatment program. An inpatient addiction treatment program should focus on your substance. Alcohol, prescription drugs and other substances have varying effects on the body. Treatment professionals must concentrate on the physiological and mental changes that occur. With some time and dedication, you’ll see a marked difference in your body and mindset.

As you narrow down drug addiction recovery options, be open to the team’s aid. You’ll meet administrative professionals as you check in to the facility. Every successful drug treatment program begins with an inpatient evaluation. You must feel comfortable with the staff in order to make any progress. Meet the office workers and counselors as a first step to successful addiction treatment in Los Angeles.
Once you find a group that’s amenable to your needs, check yourself into the facility. Starting your sober journey today is the best way to beat your dependency.

Starting on the road to recovery

Sobriety begins with a drug detox period. When you’re addicted to any substance, the body’s cells require it to function. The brain’s reward system is suddenly challenged without the substance, and you immediately feel those cravings. Without professionals helping you through the detoxification process, it’s incredibly easy to relapse into old habits.

Addiction treatment in Los Angeles typically includes monitored detox. Professionals will give you a safe place to recover from the drug’s effects. You can experience a variety of different symptoms, from sweating to anxiety. It’s the professionals’ jobs to ensure that you’re comfortable and medically safe. Many drugs create difficult symptoms to overcome as you fight off the cravings. With professional help, you’ll ease through the process.

This first part of your inpatient drug rehab may last about one week. Everyone will have a different reaction to the process. For long-term substance abuse, your time in detox can be extensive. It’s important to remember that professionals will monitor you as you find a new balance in your body.

Individual and group counseling sessions

As you move from detox to the next step in your treatment, you’ll learn about the mental side to dependence. You’ll work with a counselor who meets with you on an individual basis. Part of the addiction cycle is mentally craving an escape. There’s a reason why you want escape, so it’s up to the professional to define its parameters.

Dealing with personal trauma and other psychological factors is difficult. Working with a dedicated professional allows you to focus on yourself so that any issues can be brought to the surface.
You’ll move into group sessions as you work through your issues. These groups are often created with your unique needs in mind. The group might be based on the substance itself, your gender or age group. Drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Los Angeles is typically most successful when you meet and interact with people who are similar to yourself. These group members become part of your recovery success as you bond and explore sobriety with them.

Living in the real world

When you graduate from an inpatient drug abuse treatment center, challenges will face you each day. Initially, your home must be a safe haven from drugs. Your loved ones might clean up the home as you complete alcohol treatment, for instance. Bottles, glasses and other reminders of the substance should be erased from the household.

After exiting an alcohol detox program, be aware of your old habits. Don’t drive to the local bar after work. As an alternative, visit a 12-step meeting or contact a friend from your inpatient substance abuse treatment program who shares your journey. Healthy habits must be formed as you deal with dependence each day in life.

Lean on your loved ones and find new pursuits to fill your time. Fun hobbies, such as knitting or fixing up cars, are useful and give you activities to replace the time you would have spent using drugs or alcohol. Fill your life with positive hobbies, work and school so that addiction is a distant memory.

Treatment for substance abuse in Los Angeles begins with your honesty about the situation.

Our team of addiction specialists is ready to listen and understand your substance use disorder, and we have the solutions for your recovery. Give us a call at (866) 273-7055 today. Bright days are ahead of you!

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